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The reason why you choose Fiber Trunk Cable

The reason why you choose Fiber Trunk Cable

What is Fiber Trunk Cable?


Trunk cable assemblies allow for rapid deployment of high-density permanent links in a single assembly for data center applications demanding quick infrastructure deployment, such as main, horizontal and zone distribution areas. The trunk cable series optimizes cable routing to guarantee efficient use of pathway space and significantly reduce installation time and cost. It is built with modular MTP®/MPO and LC connectivity and supports compatibility, flexibility and system performance in all permanent link applications. The trunk cable is factory terminated and tested to deliver verified optical performance and reliability for improved network integrity.

These cables are usually designed for longer cable lengths between cabinets applications or connect different building areas and have pulling-eyed options to aid installation.


Why do you choose JPC Fiber Trunk Cable?

  • High quality and low DB loss termination
  • Reduce installation cost and time
  • From 8 to 144 cores are available
  • Customized polarity and length
  • Fully customized for the labeling system
  • Parallel optic transmission 40G / 100G / 400G Ethernet
  • 100% Factory tested to ensure superior performance and quality
  • 20mm cable improve air circulation, routing and maximize valuable space


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