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  • IoT
    July 17, 2020 SuUta


    Engineering Services and EMS JPC has been actively investing in end-to-end design, prototyping, sourcing, turnkey manufacturing, testing of reliability IoT Devices. Currently we are serving clients operating in the market verticals of Smart Home, Consumer Electronics, Energy and Healthcare. Application...

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  • 5G & Wireless
    July 8, 2020 SuUta

    5G & Wireless

      5G Fronthaul Product Name Data Rate Wavelength (nm) Distance Medium Power (dBm) Sen. (dBm) Tem. 10G LR-Lite 10G 1310 2km SMF -8~0.5 -14.4 I 10G LR 10G 1310 10km SMF -8~0.5 -14.4 I 10G CWDM 10G 1271~1331 10km SMF...

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  • Datacenter
    June 19, 2020 SuUta


      DATA CENTER | SFP Module  ToR-Server Product Name Data Rate Wavelength(nm) Distance Medium Power(dBm) Sen.(dBm) Tem. 10G SR(AOC) 10G 850 70m MMF -8.4~-2.4 -11~3 C 25G SR(AOC) 25G 850 300m MMF -8.2~-1 -11~0.5 C 40G SR4(AOC) 10G 850 100m MMF...

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